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ONLINE Parenting Program

Circle of Security Parenting Program

An 8-week online group parenting program for parents ready to discover how to give all the love they feel while creating the trust and boundaries their kids need.

Parenting Program In Kanata

Circle of Security Parenting Program

Mental health psychotherapy & counselling for children, teens, adults, couples & families.

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Children don't come with an owner's manual

Knowing how to respond to difficult behaviours can be confusing and overwhelming.

In Circle of Security, we focus on promoting a secure attachment and understanding the best communication style between you and your child so you can:

  • Better understand your child's needs
  • Put boundaries around difficult behaviour without limiting emotions
  • Create lasting security & sense of safety for your child
  • Feel great about your parenting!

It's easy to feel the pressure to be a "perfect parent"

Caregiving is one of the hardest jobs in the world. We find ourselves constantly wondering if we are meeting our child’s needs and helping them grow in the healthiest way possible.
Young mom and child placing foreheads against one another

Are you struggling with:

  • Knowing how to handle your child's difficult behavior?
  • Uncertainty in helping your child navigate big emotions?
  • Disappointment that you aren't parenting the way you want to?
  • Doubting your abilities as a parent?
  • Feeling guilty when you find yourself being impatient or frustrated with your child?

We can offer the knowledge, tools and support you need to create the parenting relationship you want with your kids.

online Parenting Program

Circle of Security Parenting Program

8 online group sessions that take a relationship-based approach to help you parent with love while building trust and boundaries.

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We use the CIRCLE OF SECURITY™ proven method to help you understand how you relate to your child, what their greatest needs are, and how you can meet them.

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We explore how you were raised and how those ideologies affect your parenting style so you can adapt as needed in order to build better connection with your child.

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We take an attachment-based approach, using relationship tools to help you understand your child’s unique communication behaviours.
Jessica House, Clinic Owner & Director at LightHouse Counselling in Richmond & Kanata, ON

Jessica House | Clinic Owner & Director

MA Counselling Psychology, RP, CCC

online Group Parenting Program

Why Choose LightHouse Counselling & Wellness?

We all wonder if we’re getting it right, if we’re meeting our child’s needs, helping them grow in a way that will allow them to feel confident about who they are – but sometimes it can feel overwhelming – in so many ways.

Sometimes we try to combine our own parental instincts with the well-meaning advice from others – but it often leaves us feeling more confused about what is working and what isn’t. Not to mention we all have our own experiences of how we were raised which influence how we show up as parents!

When we think of behaviour we don’t like in our children, we might think about stopping it through consequences and punishment – which can cause tension and resentment. The Circle of Security switches the focus to help us learn that behaviour is a child’s way of communicating a need within the relationship.

There is a better way. Based on decades of attachment research and tested relationship tools, this program offers simple and effective steps to understanding your children’s needs, creating lasting security, and giving you a path to follow on your parenting journey.

There’s no such thing as perfect parenting – our experienced team can help you take the right steps toward a more loving and trusting relationship between you and your child.

Circle of Security is led by trained facilitators and members of our team of licensed psychotherapists.

What you can expect from our parenting program

  • A better understanding of your child's emotional needs
  • Ability to more easily see the emotions that are behind difficult behaviours
  • Establish a more secure relationship with your child
  • Build a stronger connection with your child
  • Develop an increased self-awareness and understanding of your own triggers
  • Feel more peaceful and confident about the way you parent
  • Confidence to become the parent you want to be, regardless of your upbringing

Discover a way to love parenting and build trust with your child

Frequently Asked Questions

The group consists of 8 in-person session which take place once a week for 8 consecutive weeks. We encourage you to attend all 8 sessions, as the content builds upon the previous weeks content. If you miss a session, please talk with your group facilitator to explore ways to get you caught up.
Yes, you can bring your partner along with you. Please just let the group facilitator know so we can plan accordingly.

Our group is run by a fully licensed psychotherapist and registered social worker. You will receive a receipt for each paid session, with the license number of the social worker on the receipt for you to submit to your insurance provider. Insurance plans differ in what they cover, however most insurance plans will partially or fully cover these sessions. It is important that you look into your specific plan to verify what is covered.

This group is for parents of children of all ages, but ideally for parents with children birth to 6 years old.

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